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With the appointment of Rev. O.L. King as Elder of the Alberta District, Free Methodist Services began in Edmonton in 1905.

The Kings settled in Edmonton, a town of about 7,000 people. There were a few Free Methodist families already living here and they gathered together for services in their various homes. The search was on for a church site.

1905 - Rev. O.L. King was appointed as District Elder of the Alberta District.
1906 - A Tabernacle was secured for service during the warm weather.
1911 - A Camp Meeting was held in Edmonton, one block from the future site of the Parkdale Church.
1912 - Construction began on the Parkdale Church. Dedicated by Bishop William Pearce in the fall of 1913.
1952 - A lot was purchased. Construction of a new church began in 1956 in the Idylwylde area.
1957 - Rev. Doug Russell became Pastor of the Idylwylde Free Methodist Church.
1961 - A dedication service for the newly built church was held.
1986 - Idylwylde Free Methodist Church and Parkdale Free Methodist Church amalgamated to form the
          Edmonton Free Methodist Church at the Idylwydle site, as it exists today.

Pastors of the Free Methodist movement in Edmonton
           Rev. E.C. Madsen, Rev. E.P.L. Chase, Rev. O.L. King, Rev. R.H. Shoup, Rev. Arnette, Rev. Coxson,
           Rev. W. Angell, Rev. W. Carmichael, Rev. Doug Russell. Rev. Ken Kennedy, Rev. Sheldon Robb,
           Rev. George Harriman, Rev. Mel Hammond, Rev. James Campbell, Rev. Wade Fitzpatrick, Rev. Doug Russell, Rev. Kennedy,

           Rev. George Schnell, Rev. Joe Montaque, and Rev. Keith Childerhose.

1985 - Rev. WadeFitzpatrick, 1986 - Rev. Kevin Van Koughnett, 1989 - Rev. Gunter Salzmann, 1998 - Rev. Brad Bent

2005 - Rev. Patrick Lashley

Alberta Congregations

Edmonton Free Methodist Church

7706 86 Avenue NW

Edmonton, Alberta

Rev.Patrick Lashley



Pineridge House Church
151 Pinegrove Close NE
Calgary, Alberta
Rev. Daniel Jansen

Mewassin Free Methodist Church

3201 Township Rd 520A
RR1 Duffield, Alberta
Rev. Trevor Swanson

West Springs Free Methodist Church
618 - 78th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
Pastor Keitha Ogbogu

Genesis House

67 Sandstone Ridge Crescent

Okotoks, Alberta

Pastor Andrew Dexter


The Free Methodist Church in Canada

Ministry Centre
4315 Village Centre Court
Mississauga Ontario L4Z 1S2
Phone 905.848.2600
Fax us 905.848.2603

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